with Sean Goldfaden

Demo Day is the podcast for founders, venture capitalists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the top accelerator, incubator, and VC programs across the country. Come hear the top venture capitalists and founders in the game discuss what it takes to go from seed to exit.

Oct 24 19

EP:018 – Brian Garrett


Ep: 018 – Brian Garrett – Co-Founder & Managing Director at Crosscut Ventures


Brian Garrett, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Crosscut Ventures, talks about Crosscut’s bet on the Los Angeles ecosystem, what he looks for in entrepreneurs, and the importance of wellness.

Oct 17 19

EP:017 – Brandon Maier


Ep: 017 – Brandon Maier – Founder at LvlUp Ventures


Brandon Maier, Founder at LvlUp Ventures, talks about why traction is the most important thing he looks for in early-stage startups, and why building relationships should be the biggest goal for first-time founders.

Oct 14 19

EP:016 – Minnie Ingersoll


Ep: 016 – Minnie Ingersoll – Partner at TenOneTen Ventures


Minnie Ingersoll, Partner at TenOneTen Ventures and host of the LA Venture Podcast, talks about her time working at Google, how to raise your first round of funding, and the importance of emotional resilience when laying people off.

Oct 7 19

EP:015 – Justin Welsh


Ep: 015 – Justin Welsh – Founder of The Official Justin


Justin Welsh, founder at The Official Justin and former SVP of Sales at PatientPop, walks us through the essential elements that should go into your recruiting process if you want to build a world-class sales team.

Sep 26 19

EP:014 – Abha Nath


Ep: 014 – Abha Nath – Investor at Wonder Ventures


Abha Nath talks about her early career, how getting operational experience helped her make the jump into venture investing, how to find a job in vc, and how to navigate the first months on the job.

Sep 19 19

EP:013 – Nicole Clark


Ep: 013 – Nicole Clark – Founder & CEO of Trellis


Nicole Clark walks us through her journey as an entrepreneur. Like many great founders, Nicole saw a problem she was facing in her daily life as a lawyer, found a solution, and turned it into a thriving business with Trellis. She tells us all about it in this new episode of Demo Day.

Sep 11 19

EP:012 – Yipeng Zhao


Ep: 012 – Yipeng Zhao – Managing Partner at Embark Ventures


Yipeng Zhao talks about his fund’s investment thesis around deep tech, and why the biggest asset that a VC can have is his track record.

Sep 9 19

EP:011 – David Turkell


Ep: 011 – David Turkell – Digital Director at Scale LA


David Turkell, Digital Director at Scale LA, discusses the importance of having tech that works for our cities, and how his time stumping on the campaign trail prepared him for a career in tech.

Sep 2 19

EP:010 – Obi Onyejekwe


Ep: 010 – Obi Onyejekwe – CEO of Unomi


Obi Onyejekwe talks about growing his first company, how he took no time off when starting his second, and how accelerator programs prepare you for all to come next. Learn about how an animator with experience at major television networks gets into entrepreneurship, and why you must always follow your heart (and your gut).

Aug 26 19

EP:009 – Kareem Aly


Ep: 009 – Kareem Aly – Principal at Thomvest Ventures


Kareem Aly, Principal at Thomvest Ventures, takes us through his journey from I-Banking to venture capital, and how he reads company culture when starting a new gig. Kareem says that we can’t always start as experts, but by talking to the right people, we can get there.