with Sean Goldfaden

Demo Day is the podcast for founders, venture capitalists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the top accelerator, incubator, and VC programs across the country. Come hear the top venture capitalists and founders in the game discuss what it takes to go from seed to exit.

Apr 21 21

EP:060 – Jeff Cantalupo


EP:060 – Jeff Cantalupo on The Diversification of Expertise in VC Firms, Listen Ventures


Jeff shares his insights on how having a team with different backgrounds and expertise is critical to identifying good consumer investments.

Apr 18 21

EP:059 – Jed Leidheiser


EP:059 – Jed Leidheiser on Business and Technology, March Capital


Jed shares his advice for younger business-savvy individuals who aspire to join the VC and startup ecosystem.

Apr 14 21

EP:058 – Gale Wilkinson


EP:058 – Gale Wilkinson on Tactical Advice For Breaking Into VC, Vitalize Venture Group


Gale shares her key advice for aspiring VCs who are looking to raise their first fund and finding ways to add value.

Apr 12 21

EP:057 – Tyler Norwood


EP:057 – Tyler Norwood on Having a Bias Towards Action, Antler


Tyler shares his journey as a VC and Antler’s mission to break down barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Apr 6 21

EP:056 – Steve Barsh


EP:056 – Steve Barsh on The Dos and Don’ts For Pitching Your Startup, Dreamit Ventures


Steve discusses the importance of determining a vision as a startup company and the strategies behind pitching your business.

Apr 4 21

EP:055 – Eric Kohlmann


EP:055 – Eric Kohlmann on The Current Ecosystem for VC Fundraising and Investing with Family Members, Arc Ventures


Eric shares his advice on what to look for when investing in VC funds and how to deal with mistakes when fundraising.

Mar 31 21

Ep:054 – Michael Lavin


EP:054 – Michael Lavin on The Challenges and Future of Investing in Agricultural Tech, Germin8 Ventures


Michael discusses the challenges and advice for VCs and entrepreneurs in the agricultural tech ecosystem.

Mar 29 21

EP:053 – Jim Andelman


EP:053 – Jim Andelman on Helping Seed Stage Founders Make Progress Towards Their Mission, Bonfire Ventures


Jim discusses how seed-stage investors can make an impact on startup founders in helping them achieve their goals and outcomes.

Mar 20 21

Ep 052 – Greg Bettinelli


EP:052 – Greg Bettinelli on Turning Subtleties into Success, Upfront Ventures


Greg discusses how standing out in subtle ways can lead to long term success in both life and entrepreneurship.

Mar 12 21

Ep 051 – Jesse Draper


EP:051 – Jesse Draper on Empowering Women in Business, Halogen Ventures


Jesse discusses the importance and different ways of empowering women in business ecosystems.