with Sean Goldfaden

Demo Day is the podcast for founders, venture capitalists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the top accelerator, incubator, and VC programs across the country. Come hear the top venture capitalists and founders in the game discuss what it takes to go from seed to exit.

Aug 15 22

EP:87 – Will Schmitt


Ep: 87 – Will Schmitt on Leading versus Co-Investing Strategies, Miroma Ventures


Will Schmitt reveals valuable advice to aspiring VCs, the key differences in leading vs. co-investing, and what VCs seek and don’t seek in a startup founder.

Aug 4 22

EP:86 – Ben Savage


Ep: 86 – Ben Savage on Investing in People, Clocktower Technology Ventures


Ben Savage shares the importance of investing in human capital, the concept of athleticism versus skill, and top tips on interviewing startup founders.

Jul 11 22

EP:85 – Paul Bricault


Ep: 85 – Paul Bricault on Startup Advice and Trusting Your Gut, Amplify.LA


Paul shares useful advice on the culture needed to grow a startup, the importance of learning from other companies’ mistakes, and the value in trusting your gut as a venture capitalist.

Jun 27 22

EP:84 – Carlos Alonso Torras


Ep: 84 – Carlos Alonso Torras on Entrepreneurial Culture & Advice on Hiring and Firing


Carlos reveals the differences of entrepreneurial culture between the US and Latin America, gives crucial advice on hiring and firing within a startup, and shares traits that startup founders need when seeking VC funding

Jun 15 22

EP:83 – Brett Brewer


Ep: 83 – Brett Brewer on Myspace and the Three Golden Rules of Business, Crosscut Ventures


Brett Brewer reminisces about the unexpected early success of Myspace and shares his three golden rules of business and entrepreneurship.

May 31 22

EP:82 – Anna Barber


Ep: 82 – Anna Barber on Post-Pandemic Evolution & Mental Health and Hustle Culture, M13


Anna shares the essential traits needed in a startup founder, key differences in pre-seed, seed, and Series A investments, and the correlation between mental health and hustle culture.

May 9 22

EP:81 – Mark Mullen


Ep: 81 – Mark Mullen on Founder Relationships and Investment Strategies, Bonfire Ventures


Mark Mullen shares how to form and maintain a strong relationship with startup founders and the origin story of Bonfire Ventures.

Apr 25 22

EP:80 – Eva Ho


Ep: 80 – Eva Ho on Valuable VC Partnerships and Investing In The Mainstream, Fika Ventures


Eva Ho shares the attitude one needs to succeed in VC, the key foundation essential to a valuable VC partnership, and the core principles of a high quality investment.

Apr 11 22

EP:79 – Mark Linao


Ep: 79 – Mark Linao on The Metaverse and Raising a VC Fund, Progression Fund


Mark Linao shares advice on raising a venture fund, his theories on the Metaverse and gaming investments, and red flags in startups that VCs don’t want to invest in.

Mar 21 22

EP:78 – William Hsu


Ep: 78 – Will Hsu on the Guaranteed Approach for VCs and Entrepreneurs to Win, Mucker Capital


Will shares how Mucker Capital rapidly iterated $100 into $300 million and the top characteristics VCs seek in a startup founder.