with Sean Goldfaden

Demo Day is the podcast for founders, venture capitalists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the top accelerator, incubator, and VC programs across the country. Come hear the top venture capitalists and founders in the game discuss what it takes to go from seed to exit.

Mar 7 22

EP:77 – Alex Rubalcava


Ep: 77 – Alex Rubalcava on The J-Curve and Essential Qualities for Junior VC Analysts, Stage Venture Partners


Alex shares mental models on investment insights, what the J-curve means to VC funds, and crucial questions that VCs must ask junior analysts and startup founders they invest in.

Sep 13 21

EP:76 – Thomas Wisniewski


EP:76 – Thomas Wisniewski on the pros and cons of angel investing as well as key advice for startup founders, Newark Venture Partners.


Thomas shares his personal experience transitioning from angel investing to VC investing, as well as his advice for early stage startup founders.

Sep 6 21

EP:75 – Vanessa Larco on Breaking Free from Golden Handcuffs and Advice for Aspiring Startup Founders


EP:75 – Vanessa Larco on Breaking Free from Golden Handcuffs and Advice for Aspiring Startup Founders.


Vanessa and Sean talk about the pros and cons of working at a big corporation prior to starting your own company, as well as advice for those who feel tied down by golden handcuffs.

Aug 30 21

EP:074 – Jonathan Lehr


EP:74 – Jonathan Lehr on advice for finding your co-founder and hosting virtual events, Work-Bench.


Jonathan and Sean discuss the best approaches to hosting virtual events as well as bringing value as a VC investor, Work-Bench.

Aug 23 21

EP:073 – Todd Grover


EP:73 – Todd Grover on the Importance of Patience and a Sales Mindset as a VC, WiL.


Todd shares his personal experiences transitioning from investment banking to venture capital as well as his advice for aspiring VCs.

Jul 12 21

EP:072 – Dami Osunsanya and Gosia Karas


EP:72 – Dami Osunsanya and Gosia Karas on solving the issue of accessibility within the VC and Startup Ecosystem, SoftBanks’s SB Opportunity Fund.


Dami and Gosia share their insights on the creation and mission of the SoftBanks’s SB Opportunity Fund, as well as how VCs can add value to their portfolio companies.

Jul 5 21

EP:071 – Eric Manlunas


EP:71 – Eric Manlunas on The Importance of Imagination in Venture Capital, Wavemaker Partners


Eric shares his advice for early stage venture capital investors on being a pathological optimist and being comfortable with uncomfortability.

Jun 28 21

EP:070 – Dana Wright


EP:70 – Dana Wright on Advice For Startup Founders and Aspiring VCs, MATH Venture Partners


Dana shares her experiences working with founders and the qualities that contribute to successful startups.

Jun 21 21

EP:069 – Yujin Chung


EP:069 – Yujin Chung on Breaking Into VC, SignalFire


Yujin shares his advice for aspiring VC’s as well as tips for standing out amongst other applicants.

Jun 14 21

EP:068 – John Frankel


EP:068 – John Frankel on Advice for Aspiring VCs and Establishing a Work-Life Balance, ff Venture Capital.


John shares his experience transitioning from Goldman Sachs to Venture Capital as well as a wide range of advice for aspiring VCs.