with Sean Goldfaden

Demo Day is the podcast for founders, venture capitalists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the top accelerator, incubator, and VC programs across the country. Come hear the top venture capitalists and founders in the game discuss what it takes to go from seed to exit.

Aug 26 19

EP:009 – Kareem Aly


Ep: 009 – Kareem Aly – Principal at Thomvest Ventures


Kareem Aly, Principal at Thomvest Ventures, takes us through his journey from I-Banking to venture capital, and how he reads company culture when starting a new gig. Kareem says that we can’t always start as experts, but by talking to the right people, we can get there.

Aug 16 19

EP:008 – Shaun Arora


Ep: 008 – Shaun Arora – Managing Director of MiLA Capital


Shaun Arora, Managing Director of MiLA Capital, tackles the insecurities that come with entrepreneurship, the importance of co-founders, and why now is the best time to be starting hardware companies.

Aug 9 19

EP:007 – Dan Flanegan


Ep: 007 – Dan Flanegan – CoFounder of Butter App


Dan Flanegan, CoFounder of Butter App, covers everything from his early days programming when message boards were the pinnacle of internet networks, to working in product development, starting his own company, and how you can maximize your time in an Accelerator.

Aug 4 19

EP:006 – Laurent Grill


Ep: 006 – Laurent Grill – Lead Investor at Luma Launch


Laurent Grill, Lead Investor at Luma Launch, joined us to talk about the difference between platforms and traditional accelerators, what it means to be a conviction investor, and the best (and worst) traits he sees in founders.